How to Lower the Impact of Sea Freight Charge?

With the coming of the end of the year , the global trading and sea transportation is to the peak time . This year , the covid-19 and the trade war made the time more difficult. The volumes of import is increasing steadily while the carrying capacity of main ship companies lowed about 20%. Thus, the shipping space is in a big shortage and sea freight charge this year is multiple times compared with that at the same time 2019. So , If you are just in this tide . the following tips will help you to low the impact of the sea freight charge :

First , It is necessay to figure it out that the cost of the marine carry will keep going up in the rest of 2020. The possibility of fall is 0. So , don’t be hesitate when you have the cargo ready .

Second , ask as more as the agent to do the quoting for comparing to make sure you can got the best price. The sea freight charge of every ship company is increasing always. However, the price they released is very different .

Last but the most important , check with your supplier the delivery time. Time is money. Short delivery time will save you a lot invisible cost this time .

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Post time: Jan-21-2021