High Pressure Cleaner 220V/110V 1PH 120BAR

High Pressure Cleaner 220V/110V 1PH 120BAR

Short Description:

Marine High Pressure Washer 220v/110v  1PH 120BAR

The standard configuration:

●Powerful with overload protection 4-pole motor full copper wire induction motor

●Copper cylinder ceramic plunger motor direct drive crankshaft connecting rod pump

●8MM*10M high pressure tube

●4 quick connection nozzles (0°, 15°, 40°, liquid suction nozzle)

●Pressure adjustable

●Low pressure suction joint

●High pressure spray gun with safety buckle

●10 inch solid tire hose and spray gun hook into

●Water pipes and their components specify voltage and frequency

●Switch control box stainless steel case

●Pressure gauge

●Front universal wheel

●Thermal protection valve

Product Detail


High Pressure Washer/Marine High Pressure Cleaner

Voltage: 220V  1PH

Frequency :60HZ

Max Pressure: 120BAR

Designed for general purpose cleaning tasks in multiple industries.   These high pressure cleaners are used for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles, and buildings, for the removal of stubborn dirt, stains and other debris from multiple surfaces.   Available 3 types of power supply, AC110V, AC220V or AC440V.  All pump materials, fittings and pipes in contact with water are non-corrosive.


1. Automobile service: Cleaning service in car wash yard and car repair and decoration shops.

2. Hotel: Cleaning for outside of building, glass walls, lobby, steps, heat supply boiler room,

kitchen parking lot and public areas.

3. Municipal works and Sanitation: Cleaning for flue, plaza, public sanitation works advertisement

paper on the wall, garbage truck, garbage can and garbage room.

4. Construction Industry: Cleaning for outside of building, concrete ready mix center, decoration

service with oil or not easily cleaned dirt, transportation vehicles.

5. Railway Industry: Clean for train, chassis, shaft bearing of the train, dirt on stationand channel.

6. Tobacco and Medicine Industries: Stirring equipment, production lines,transportation vehicle,

production workshops, tubes, medicine trough and dirt in chemical cans.

7. Machine Making Industries: Cleaning for oil dirt and scaliness on equipments,floor, workshops

and pipes, cleaning for casting and mould.

8. Food/Fermentation: Cleaning for equipment, stirring machines, production lines,fermentation can,

tube and oils and dirt on the floor.

9. Oil field/Petroleum and Chemical Industries: Cleaning for drilling platform and other equipments,

oil can trucks, scaliness and oil dirt in oil pipelines and production equipment in oil factory.

10. Papermaking/Rubber Industries: Cleaning for the chemical sediments in equipment, floor and

water trough.

11. Airplanes/Ships/Vehicles: Cleaning for paint spray booth, machines, paintings on the floor,

cleaning for airstrip and board on the ships.

12. Electricity/Water Control Projects: Cleaning for power distribution transformer,condensator,

dust content emitting system of boilers, and the cleanness for pipes.

13. Logistics/Storage: Cleaning for transportation vehicles and workshops.

14. Metallurgy/Foundry: Cleaning for dirt on equipment of iron-making and steelmaking and

rolling and cleaning for dirt on the floor, cleaning sand, paints and rusty dirt on steel casting.

15. Mining Industry: Cleaning for mine cars, transportation belts, underground working lines and

air well, clearance for stems due to coals and stones.

16. National Defense Industries: Cleaning for residues in ammunition depots.


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